10% OFF at show Coupon – Come See Me LIVE!

Be sure to print out this ad so you receive 10% OFF your purchase AT THE SHOW
PHOENIX January 29-31st 2015

Products offered at show and ordered at show only.
Creative Feet sewing machine feet Octi-Hoops Free Motion embroidery and Quilting frames and the Hoop-It-ALL Hoops are included in addition to our world renowned embroidery and sewing stabilizers! Not all hoops will be available for pick up in booth. Special order forms will be available for ordering and locking in sale price. For more information visithttp://quiltcraftsew.com/ SEE YOU THERE!


About Clare Rowley

I have always been passionate about all aspects of art since early childhood and I attribute the artistic process for making it possible for me to invent the Creative Feet sewing machine feet, free-motion Octi-Hoops Embroidery and Quilting Frames, the Thread Dispenser and my instructional DVD and Workbook. Now that I also own the Hoop-It-All line of products I have so much more to show you! This need to create is non-stop and I love to share my knowledge with those hungry to learn. View all posts by Clare Rowley

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