Toostie is not so sweet if you’re allergic to wheat… so sad :(

If you're allergic to wheat this is a no-go...

If you’re allergic to wheat this is a no-go…

If you go to Toostie’s website there is no allergens in this candy – none that I could find and I tried to eat them… honestly I got away with it for a while but as time passed without eating any wheat – finally I couldn’t eat them anymore. This was after-all the last candy that I thought I could eat and it is something I miss from time to time.

I was beginning to get extremely bad leg cramps whenever I ate any but one night, while on the road and in a hotel alone, I ate 3 small rolls as pictured and this was the last time!

I passed out and woke about an hour after ingesting them – like other times, I was cramped and planned to head to the bathtub to warm my legs and rid myself of these horrible pains. But this time, there were more symptoms, shockingly I looked at my feet and they were contorted to the point that I appeared as if I had Cerebral Palsy – I could not stand up because my feet would not straighten – I was terrified! My arms and wrists became involved this time for the first time ever. I was close to calling 911 and probably should have but crawled to the tub with my cell and managed to survive the night.

I don’t crave candy now, I shutter and look at all the pretty packages as toxic poison now.


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One response to “Toostie is not so sweet if you’re allergic to wheat… so sad :(

  • Clare Rowley

    I Emailed Tootsie and asked them why I am having allergic reactions to the Tootsie Roll and they replied:
    “Clare, we produce lemon flavored Tootsie Fruit Rolls and strawberry Tootsie Frooties on the same lines as Tootsie Rolls. The lines are thoroughly cleaned between flavors, but there is always the possibility of minute amounts remaining in the equipment. Tochopherols are a natural way to preserve oils, so they are present in our spray release and our release agents.”

    There you go! Those darn Tocopherols strike again! UGH…. Can’t they find a safe way of releasing the candy? Oh well – my waistline thanks you Tootsie and I really did appreciate their candor and honesty with me. I also told them they should add this to their allergen list. It may not affect those with Gluten issues but for those of us with Wheat allergies – it’s dangerous….


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