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Toostie is not so sweet if you’re allergic to wheat… so sad :(

If you're allergic to wheat this is a no-go...

If you’re allergic to wheat this is a no-go…

If you go to Toostie’s website there is no allergens in this candy – none that I could find and I tried to eat them… honestly I got away with it for a while but as time passed without eating any wheat – finally I couldn’t eat them anymore. This was after-all the last candy that I thought I could eat and it is something I miss from time to time.

I was beginning to get extremely bad leg cramps whenever I ate any but one night, while on the road and in a hotel alone, I ate 3 small rolls as pictured and this was the last time!

I passed out and woke about an hour after ingesting them – like other times, I was cramped and planned to head to the bathtub to warm my legs and rid myself of these horrible pains. But this time, there were more symptoms, shockingly I looked at my feet and they were contorted to the point that I appeared as if I had Cerebral Palsy – I could not stand up because my feet would not straighten – I was terrified! My arms and wrists became involved this time for the first time ever. I was close to calling 911 and probably should have but crawled to the tub with my cell and managed to survive the night.

I don’t crave candy now, I shutter and look at all the pretty packages as toxic poison now.

To Drink or Not to Drink — the water…

To Drink or Not to Drink --- the water...

Driving home from one of my sewing shows, I decided to drink the water that the hotel had provided me – despite my knowledge about the benefits of drinking spring water rather than the filtered tap water. This is because of the lack of Iodine – but to my surprise, after only 2 sips, I went into anaphylaxis and had to pull over to pass out!

Needless to say, I didn’t drink the rest of the bottle and once I had time, I went online to read about the process used and they brag about adding back in minerals. One of the ingredients is Tocopherol… and it knocks me out every time! A wheat derivative in most cases – so if you’re allergic to wheat or celiac, be warned and be mindful of this scary reality.

Bottled water that I’ve drank without an allergic reaction include : Poland Springs, Arrowhead, Smart Water, Evian & Figi I’m not sure if Aqua Fina has caused any reaction, I haven’t had any in years.

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