No more acrylic nails for me! :)

For the last 20 or so years, I’ve had acrylic covering my nail beds. You may think it was for glamour sake, however it was more than that.

Because my business keeps my hands under the camera’s eye and the eyes of thousands, I did want my nails to look nice – mostly because bad looking nails is a distraction for the viewer. However the real reason I began applying it over my nails were because my nails:

  1. Were thin. (thinner than anyone in my family)
  2. Bent backward if I pushed against things.
  3. Nail beds were shaped so that the nails went up at the ends instead of downward. (the only one in my family with nail beds that shape)
  4. Nail beds were tender to the touch. (slightest tap would cause severe pain)
  5. Nails split in layers. (peeled like there were layers on top of each other instead of one solid nail)
  6. Nails tore. (so easily that I couldn’t even scratch myself without them bending back and tearing)

Now, after several months of not eating any of my food allergies, my nails are strong, they are healing from years of applying acrylic and even the area that has been filed down is stronger than my original nails were. I can tap the top of the thin areas and there is no pain!

I have been using a glue on nail (not sanding nail bed) to cover the ugly nails that remain, but the new growth is young strong looking nails!

This is very exciting, I’ve never wanted to wear them and am finally free of the process. I knew each time I breathed in the smell, I was hurting my lungs and am so grateful to finally not have to inhale it.

Interesting to find such odd symptoms going away revealing themselves to me after 48 years of eating foods that I was allergic to….. so wonderful and so shocking.



About Clare Rowley

I have always been passionate about all aspects of art since early childhood and I attribute the artistic process for making it possible for me to invent the Creative Feet sewing machine feet, free-motion Octi-Hoops Embroidery and Quilting Frames, the Thread Dispenser and my instructional DVD and Workbook. Now that I also own the Hoop-It-All line of products I have so much more to show you! This need to create is non-stop and I love to share my knowledge with those hungry to learn. View all posts by Clare Rowley

2 responses to “No more acrylic nails for me! :)

  • Paula M, RN

    Clare! That rocks! Congrats! Isn’t feeling good amazing after not feeling well for a long time?! I am my own worst enemy with my allergies. Some things are easy to avoid, Like onions and garlic, since I cook for my household, but some are not, like the powdered milk in many meds- tablets and capsules, or the dairy in “non-dairy creamer” I used to use. My allergies include coffee, milk products (milk is in about everything from the stores), eggs, hen chickens and turkeys (-altho roosters and toms are OK… something to do with the hormones for egg production, I hear) peanuts, some tree nuts (esp if they were allowed to sit around and get microscopic mold on them before processing) any alcoholic beverage (again, I suppose from the molds and the sugars) white sugar, (but I can have organic demerara- yay!- and honey) chocolate, preservatives, many perfumes or their fixatives, MSG, (thank GOD! -its an excitotoxin!) tomatoes, rye, municipally-treated water, (my ex-spouse whom I met long after my water-issue was found was a H2O-tx. plant operator, and told me there are on average 8 chemicals that are usually added to municipal water ) and many fruits and veggies from the store shelves, since they are nowadays dipped in chemical baths to retard spoilage. Needless to say, I garden organically- I DO enjoy eating, after all) Don’t you find it fascinating (in a scientific way) that our bodies can, without our permission, send out an army of defenders that will try to protect us from harmful substances? – Even though without conscious thought, that same body cant really know what you want it to attack and to not attack? To me, that is amazing. Since I began slowly discovering the things my body thought were poisonous to it, my sense of smell has become incredible. (think hound-dog nose) Its CRAZY! I am truly happy for your eyelashes and hands! And for the rest of your body that suffered so. I know MANY people who will NOT try to fix their allergies, and just live on drugs and pain. So, besides many of the art-forms you love that I also love, I also enjoy home canning and preserving.


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