Statistics on Food Allergies within the US

The following link is a report covering studies from the US alone and I believe, after my experience, that many more people suffer with food allergies without their knowledge.

Movies frequently depict a person suffering an  Anaphylaxic episode with outward signs including exaggerated swelling on the face and neck. It is unrealistic as depicted in this photo of movie star and comedian Martin Short, in the movie “Pure Luck” with co-star Danny Glover.


Or Will Smith in the movie “Hitch” as shown here:


I’m not saying some people don’t experience this extreme swelling from eating foods they’re allergic to. In-fact, my tongue was swollen so often that I got braces to increase the space in my lower jaw to allow more room for it, I had a bee sting on my pinky-finger that proceeded to cause my entire arm and neck to swell. What I’m saying is that it doesn’t always happen, sometimes you simply have what appears to be an asthma attack and you can show no outward signs of Anaphylaxis but in-fact be experiencing it and putting your life at risk.

I hope this helps you see why I went most of my life suffering food allergies without knowing and save you from thinking that you or someone you love simply has Asthma.


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3 responses to “Statistics on Food Allergies within the US

  • Robyn

    I agree with your thought that more people suffer without their knowledge. I have food allergies and they are awful, and a few of them I only discovered recently but I’m sure I’ve suffered my whole life, I just didn’t realize it.


  • Donna

    I almost lost my daughter last year due to severe food allergy. She has CP and had so much intestinal pain she aspirated and ended up intubated in PICU for three weeks. It took a year and a half for anyone to listen to me about her symptoms and we just got lucky the GI doc she had retired and the one assigned was young and anxious to prove himself. He figured out her problem after a colonoscopy/endoscopy showed her eosinophils were “off the chart” and she had “sheets and sheets of them in her esophagus.” She is now on a very specialized diet and will still occasionally have flares. After averaging four ER visits a month over 15 months, countless tests and several different doctors telling me, “she just has allergies and has asthma,” and treating it as if was a common cold, I can tell you it’s the worst feeling in the world not knowing what is wrong.


    • Clare Rowley

      I feel for you, your daughter’s condition is challenging in itself without the added food allergies. I know of a few people that have been checked since my discovery and they too have food allergies. I’m not sure why it’s so overlooked by the medical profession but I hope to bring attention to the issue in hopes of eliminating others from suffering. I hope that some of my recipes will help and I promise to add many more as time allows.

      Please feel free to share your feelings here and if there is anything that I can do to help please let me know.


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