How to deal with food allergies – part 1

I started by crying and believe me, I was once again shocked! How could I possibly cry about such a trivial thing? How can being told you can’t eat something make anyone cry? It’s so childish, so immature to act as if not eating something could ever be worth shedding tears over.

In order to understand better, you should know that I love loved making salsa and used it as a condiment for just about every meal. I make made it very well and had been asked to make it by those close to me and all this time, all these many years, I’ve been eating 2 to 3 different foods I’m allergic to practically every day!

Tomatoes – Lemons – Garlic 

I had just completed a large batch of my salsa and it wasn’t hard to find takers for those large jars full of some of my favorite things. I actually didn’t give it away for 4 days, I suppose I was in the denial stage because this was a death – death of food.

If you think I’m silly, think about opening up your refrigerator and looking into it and suddenly you have no idea what to eat, how to make it and realizing that you basically have to learn how to cook all over again!


About Clare Rowley

I have always been passionate about all aspects of art since early childhood and I attribute the artistic process for making it possible for me to invent the Creative Feet sewing machine feet, free-motion Octi-Hoops Embroidery and Quilting Frames, the Thread Dispenser and my instructional DVD and Workbook. Now that I also own the Hoop-It-All line of products I have so much more to show you! This need to create is non-stop and I love to share my knowledge with those hungry to learn. View all posts by Clare Rowley

One response to “How to deal with food allergies – part 1

  • Linda

    Clare, I just found out last week that I have Celiac disease — so I understand how you feel. It’s very depressing. I think I’m most depressed that I can’t drink BEER anymore! :-(, unless I find the non hops beer they make nowadays. 🙂


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